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The “Super Quiz” website continues the popular 3-level format found in the 3 original “Super Quiz” board games and the syndicated “Super Quiz” column. There are over 11,000 questions in a variety of categories.
“Super Quiz” will officially launch on April 1, 2018. Play is divided into 3 month sessions with the initial session ending on June 30, 2018. “Super Points” are awarded for excellent play at the conclusion of each 3-month session.
Daily QuestionsThere may be a sponsor's Q&A shown before the daily quiz starts.
You simply read the sponsor's Q & A.
Next you are shown the first quiz question.
You have 30 seconds to answer each question.
Type the answer in the space below the question then click the arrow to the right to input.

1. Answers containing numbers must be written as numerals. e.g. 1984 not “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

 2. When initials are provided a name must be provided for each letter. e.g. For (Initials M.M.) the answer may be: Matt Munro

 3. If the instruction state: (Provide the first and last name.) both must be correctly provided to be considered correct. e.g. (Provide first and last name.) If the correct answer is “Teddy Kennedy” and the answer given is “John Kennedy” the answer is not correct.

 4. Sometimes the answer will be simplified to fit the format. e.g. The answer may be “Apple” instead of “Apple Computers”.

 5. In some cases there will be more than 1 correct response. The most common response is considered correct. e.g. For what do the letters stand in “ATM”? The accepted response is ‘Automated Teller Machine’ although ‘Adobe Type Manager’ is also correct.

 6. The answer must be provided within the 30 second time limit.

 7. There are 3 questions daily. Normally the first question is the easiest and the final question the hardest.

 8. You are eliminated from the daily quiz if any answer is incorrect.

 9. If the answer provided by ‘Super Quiz” turns out to be unclear or even incorrect it will not be possible to retroactively adjust a player’s points.

10. If an answer is correct it will be indicated as correct. If not, the correct response will be provided.

11. Spelling must be correct. In some cases an answer may be accepted as correct despite a minor spelling error.
E.g. 'Aliteration' may be accepted for 'Alliteration'.

12. Capital letters are not essential for an answer to be correct.

13. You must keep your email address up to date. If it changes and you do not update it your registration may be cancelled.

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Question 1 A correct answer scores 1 regular point. 
Question 2 A correct answer scores 2 regular points. 
Question 3 A correct answer scores 3 regular points. 

 100 regular points are converted into 1 Super point. 
 The “Top 5” Session winners receive: 
1. 10 Super Points 
2. 8 Super Points 
3. 6 Super Points 
4. 4 Super Points 
5. 2 Super Points 
 The Super Points are permanent and enable players to attain various levels of “Superdom”.
 000-100 S.P. ........Freshman Level 
101-200 S.P.........Graduate Level 
201-300 S.P.........Ph.D. Level 

 Sessions: Each session is 3 months in length.
At the start of each session all players start with zero regular points.
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