Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Super Quiz & WIZARD

ARTICLE in "PELHAM NEWS".May 2024. Ken Fisher a 'Wizard' when it comes to developing games Fonthill resident's two games 'Wizard' and 'Isaac Asimov presents Super Quiz' have sold millions of copies Ken Fisher's Super Quiz is syndicated in North American newspapers and has many different book editions. At 88 years old, Ken Fisher says he may have asked and answered more questions then anyone ever. This in thanks to his game Super Quiz, which originated as a series of books, evolved into three best-selling board games, and eventually ended up as a syndicated newspaper column appearing in about 48 papers in the United States. Fisher says he spends a couple of hours daily writing new quizzes. “It's much easier today,” he admits. “In the old days, I would have to type them up, proofread them, and mail them down to the States. Now, of course, I can do it on the computer. Push a button, they've got it and that's great.” The Super Quiz website boasts spme 28,000 Q&As. As an English as a Second Language teacher in Toronto, Fisher said they would do little quizzes at parties with prizes. This proved to be a hit and Fisher decided to start putting together a list of quizzes. It took while, he said, for Super Quiz to gather interest. Dembner Books showed interest, so the book form was solidified. The company also enlisted a well known-name name to attach to the book: Isaac Asamov, who wrote a forward. "Isaac Asimov presents Super Quiz by Ken Fisher" was enough of a hit to generate at least four editions. Each game features three skill levels. “I learned a lot and I still learn a lot about trivia by researching everything,” said Fisher. Super Quiz is not the only success Fisher has had. He, with the help of his wife, Joan, developed and sold a card game called Wizard. Based originally on a game called Oh Hell, Fisher said Wizard was meant to be playable with small groups, easy to learn and challenging enough to stay fun. Wizard is played with a standard deck of cards with the addition of four wizard cards and four jester cards. The 60 card deck he said works well because “because three, four, five and six all divide evenly into 60.” Wizard depends on bidding skill like bridge. Players declare how many tricks they will take in each hand, and are rewarded or punished for being right or wrong. Each round begins with a card dealt to each player, increasing in number of cards round by round until the deck is used up. Wizard and Joker cards add to the unpredictability and fun. In total, the game has sold more than three million copies. Fisher said the games sells about 20,000 copies in Canada a year. He attributed the sales efforts to his wife who worked hard to get them sold in the early days. It was first published by Waddington Publishing in 1986. In 1994, the game was licensed in the United States to U.S. Games, who Fisher says are now known mostly for tarot cards, The game is more popular in Europe compared to North America, accounting for about 80 per cent of sales. The game was been translated into more then 20 different languages. There is even a Wizard app for Android and Apple as well as an online version of the game. Live tournaments regularly occur and there is World Tournament held every year in Europe, with each country limited to two players. “We have never won but have come second,” Fisher said on Canada's performance at the championship. Fisher, who now lives with with wife, son and cat in Fonthill, has other ideas for a game, one based on critical thinking skills that is still under development. To learn more about Wizard, visit To check out Super Quiz, visit

Mr. Wizard is Mr. BIG

Remember Mr. Wizard. (Keith Gill) Almost five years ago, GameStop champion Keith Gill revealed a $53,000 bet in his favorite video game retailer. This week, Gill’s net worth is over $289 million. The meme stock leader, who can move the stock by simply posting cryptic messages online, shared a screenshot of his portfolio Monday night, showing he held onto his 5 million shares of GameStop and 120,000 call options even after a 21% rally. He made a whopping $79 million on paper on Monday — a single trading day. Gill, whose handle is “DeepF------Value” on Reddit and “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube and X, started sharing his GameStop position in September 2019 with a $53,000 stake, encouraging a band of retail traders to squeeze out short-selling hedge funds. By the end of the jaw-dropping episode in April 2021, Gill exercised his call options position to have 200,000 common shares. The size of his positions dramatically increased when he resurfaced online three years later. Meanwhile, GameStop, a stock he originally bought because he thought it was a deep-value bet, is still struggling with shifting away from brick-and-mortar video game purchases to e-commerce.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

A WIZARD Review worth reading: Cut and Paste the URL or read the blurb below.

Wizard - A Five Second Board Game Review Hot Wizard Card Game GAME INFORMATION Game Name Wizard Card Game Wizard presents itself in absolutely the same way that the most boring of mass market productions do, in an ugly box, sitting limply on a Walmart shelf, or introduced by your grandparents when they’ve run out of various political topics to run you through. This is the single greatest tragedies in modern gaming. Wizard belongs on the highest pedestal in the most selective gaming collections. It may be just a fairly straightforward trick taking game, with the added twist of just a few special cards and yet I’ve gotten more stand up and cheer moments from this than a hundred co-ops and ameritrash games combined. The strategy is difficult enough that mastery can be chased for a long time, but understandable enough that you can fully grasp when things have gone superbly or terribly for you and cheer or cuss appropriately. It also begins with a slow ramp up, so that you can feel out the strategy while the point stakes are low enough. The last hand having no trump is a subtle trick where a lot of variance gets added so that the ending is usually always in doubt, but it doesn’t feel like the strategy was stripped away. The price point is also incredibly attractive. Even the “deluxe” edition is still more affordable than most hobby game fillers. I know I’ve banged the drums for a lot of games, but out of everything I’ve reviewed so far, Wizard is the one I truly believes deserves more attention and the one I’m happiest to evangelize.

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