Monday, September 27, 2010

Details of Oct.2,2010. Championships

Indianapolis Champion

Wizard World Championship: 2nd October 2010

1. Intro
Wizard World Championship
Date: Saturday, 2nd October 2010
Beginning: 12:00 Location: Burg Frankenstein
Restaurant und Event GmbH 64367 Mühltal Hessen
Parking area: In front of the restaurant
Saturday Agenda:
11:30 Bus departure to Burg Frankenstein
Meeting point: Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt
12:00 -12:30 Greeting and Introduction
12:30 Beginning of the competition at 5 tables
Around 18.00 Consecration of the Wizard World Champion 2010/Award Ceremony
18:30 – 19:30 Scary tour at Burg Frankenstein
19:30 – 22:45 Dinner
Around 23:00 Bus departure to the Hotel Maritim Rhein-Main
Around 9:00 Breakfast with AMIGO at the Hotel Maritim Rhein-Main
(AMIGO table). The exact meeting time will be confirmed during the evening before.

2. Maps and transportation to Burg Frankenstein
Burg Frankenstein is located on the top of the hill Landenberg, 370m up in the region Odenwald. You can drive directly to Burg Frankenstein by car or use the bus shuttle from the hotel Maritim Rhein-Main in Darmstadt.

3. Your stay
Your hotel: Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt
Maps & Transportation
The Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel is located near the main railway station and the A5 and A67 motorways. The shuttle to Frankfurt Airport runs every 30 minutes during the day and leaves directly from the hotel. The Darmstadt town centre features an attractive pedestrianised shopping centre and is located just a few tram stops away. Sites such as the Mathildenhöhe, Hundertwasser House, Messel Pit fossil site (UNESCO World Natural Heritage site) and the Hessian Landesmuseum are also located nearby.

4. Catering
During the competition, you can order snacks and drinks at your own expense at
the restaurant at Burg Frankenstein. In the evening, Amigo invites you to a very special event. We will start with a scary tour at Burg Frankenstein and continue with a spectacular dinner,where we will enjoy the evening all together. Wait and see!

5. Msc
The bus shuttle to the hotel Maritim Rhein-Main will start at around 23:00. On Sunday, we invite all the participants to a breakfast with the Amigo team at the hotel. We have reserved an “Amigo-table” from 09:00. We will confirm the exact meeting time the evening before.

6. Wizard Champion
Wizard, a game that has been in the AMIGO range since 1996, is pleased to gather more and more enthusiastic players. With the introduction of national and international championships 3 years ago, a tournament world has been created which allows every player to compete with the best champions from all over the world.
This year, the international Wizard Championship takes place for the first time in Germany. Coming from 10 countries, the Wizard Champions together with the Vice- Champion will confront one another at Burg Frankenstein.
In August last year, the former German Wizard Champion Matthias Dasssinger and the Vice-Champion Alexander Gräwe competed against the international wizards at the Gen Con in Indianapolis. The winner of the International Wizard Championship 2009 was James DeOreo.
We look forward to experience a fair and exciting competition this year in Germany.

7. Burg Frankenstein
The romantic ruins of Burg Frankenstein are one of the most famous point of interest in the Rhine region. They are particularly well-known throughout Germany thanks to the annual Halloween Festival. The history of Burg Frankenstein began in the 12th century (firstdocumented in 1252) and is strongly related to legend and poetry. The legend says that Mary Shelley was inspired by the Burg to imagine her scary novel Frankenstein. Did she really see the Burg? This is still arguable. But the Burg is open every year to all the fright fans. More than 15.000 visitors surge to Burg Frankenstein to get the creeps and get frightened. For more information, visit www.frankensteinhalloween. de.