Monday, February 1, 2010

Wizard Variations

There are dozens of varaiations of "Wizard". Several of them are described on the Wizard site at (Find them by looking under "Bulletin Boards") Many of them are excellent and you are encouraged to play with whatever variation "floats your boat". However for online play and live tournaments a definite standard had to be established.
The 2 basic options for online play are regular "Wizard" and "Wizard Junior".
You can also select to play a 'quick' game which abbreviates the number of hands dealt and results in a shorter game. In regular Wizard you also have the option of CR (Canadian Rule) on or off. If CR is "on" the dealer, if leading in score, cannot bid so as to make the bids even unless he does so by bidding zero.
A true variation is also available when playing regular "Wizard" online. You can select to play, "Wizard Maximus". In this variation only 5 hands are dealt. In each hand all 60 of the cards are dealt out. The trump suit for the 5 hands in sequence are, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and No Trump.

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