Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A selection of 25 REVIEWS

25 Reviews Culled from the Internet

1 Chris Pizula(Pazcat) Play Wizard. You can't go wrong.

2 Stewart Tame(StewartTame) Very addictive trick-taking game. The more players, the better. Especially evil when everyone has only one card and two or more people have bid one ... I actually like the American edition better than the German. While the artwork on the German version is lovely, it makes the game harder to teach to non-gamers. Normal-looking playing cards make the game easier to learn. And, as my current group recently discovered, it's really hard to play the German version in a dimly-lit bar.

3 sharon p(jakoky) one of my favourite card games

4 Kostas Nikolaidis(kostas) Rated 9 out of 10. The Nine is for the fun factor and the way everyone who has played has gotten hooked into this simple trick taking game. Basically this is our favorite trick-taking game; but you MUST buy the German version for the art, it adds so much for the folks who are into fantasy. A must buy for me.

5 Angela Gaalema(hinj) Absolutely the best trick taking game I have ever encountered. Even though this is an american design, insist upon the german's worth it! This game went straight to my top 10 of all time.

6 Dave OConnor(daveo1234) Basically Oh Hell with the Wizard and the Jester in it. I'm just sorry I never knew this one in college! I could have spent all those hours playing Spades playing this instead. BTW, go get the German version - the cards have killer artwork on them!

7 Christopher Bartlett(cc_TheToph) Probably my favorite card game played with a non-traditional deck. I don't ever have to be convinced to play this one... love it at family parties.

8 Steve Czuba(sczuba) As a fan of trick games, the added cards add a nice dimension, and it's always to tense to see if you can 'make your bid.

9 Loopin' Loomie(tloomis) My favorite trick-taking game.

10 david mcchesney(yobink) This gets played a hell of a lot.

11 Tim Reddy(Shooter) Fun trick-taking game. Classic.

12 Chris Farrell(cfarrell) The Wizard and Jester cards do not exactly increase the skill element in Oh Hell generally, but this is still a fun game that, like classics like Liar's Dice/Call My Bluff and Can't Stop, is eminently accessible due to it's popular game roots and is fun for gamers. The best of the many Oh Hell knock-offs.

13. Bridgette Morehouse(biddy) Fun trump-taking card game.

14 Bonnie Delaney(BonnieD24)
As advertised, it is "the ultimate game of trump!"

15 Tom Utterback(noisycrow) The addition of the extra cards makes for a great game. Good for the "non-"gamers who like trick taking games (Hearts, etc.)

16 Joshua Miller(Glamorous Mucus) A distinct improvement on the already-enjoyable traditional game Oh Hell.

17 Dave Shapiro(qrux) This and Rook are the best of the trick taking games. Note: you have probably played this game under a different name.

18 Larry Winckles(LWinckles) This used to be our family's favorite game until we were introduced to the german style games. It is still a favorite to play when visiting Grandma and Grandpa at their summer cottage.

19 Tim Thomas(Socal Tim) Have owned it for years but have rarely played it for some reason. Finally played it again the other night and had a great time. It really does improve upon Oh Hell! Of course, the wizard cards are very powerful, but the jesters also give you added flexibility that comes in handy if you're in danger of being stuck taking an unwanted trick. I should probably add a bonus point for my wife liking it so much too.

20 Harold Jansen(DoctorJ) Good trick-taking card game.

21 Francois Petitclerc(faqtotum) I like trick-taking games, and this one's no exception.

22 michael d(musici) Great to take to bar or round friends house/flat. I enjoy this alot more than most card games that are suggested in these types of situations. The rules work nicely as a learning curve for beginners and you can play just a few rounds for fun or get into the full game.

23 David Arnott(Arnott) I like Oh Hell, and the extras added here are improvements. I just wish I could get more people interested in playing it. Oh, and the bidding wheels are the only way to go.

24 Patrick GroƟ(Captain Napalm) A really fun card game that's easy to learn but involves a decent amount of strategy.

25. A phenomenal 'new' classic card game Despite the arguments of some that this is not a revolutionary new game like Puerto Rico or Settlers, Wizard is the single finest 'traditional' card game in existence. I have to disregard some of the reviews which state it isn't on par with Eurogames on the market. While the colored map and strategy options and cool wooden bits may be missing, it's almost like saying Chess was never that great a game to begin with. Wizard takes classic card games and adds two beautiful new elements -- the Wizard and the Jester. By now from reviews and descriptions I'm sure you've seen that Wizards trump anything while Jesters will pass on any trick. The simple beauty of these two new cards add incredible depth, strategy decisions, tension and replayability to the game. I would say that Wizard is the single most requested game I own, and is played by a wider audience than any other game I own. Yes, Puerto Rico is incredible. Yes Settlers is awesome. But I have no other game that my parents, my in-laws, my niece and nephew, my aunts and uncles, my friends and neighbors all want to play over and over again. And that is saying a lot.

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