Friday, April 23, 2010

Wizard Extreme

Amigo Spiele would like to introduce a new card game and call it "Wizard Extreme".
As you may know we have a game on the BETA program of the Wizard site that is called : "Wizard Maximus". However the German game is a far cry from any of our Wizard versions. Although it is a bidding game requiring you to predict how many tricks you are going to take it employs a 75 card deck with 5 color coded suits and 27 'seals' and 1'Saboteur'. It is quite complicated but requires a lot of strategy and skill. However it is the type of game that appeals to the sophisticated German gaming market. Our current dilemma is whether to grant them permission to use the name "Wizard Extreme" or not. Discussions are under way and we will keep you posted of further developments.

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