Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The guidelines for the 2012 Wizard Tournament in Vienna, Austria are showm below:


Wizard World Championship

1. General information
1.1. Number of players: 4-5 participants per table
1.2. Duration: 45 minutes per round
1.3. Rounds: 5 (4 qualification rounds and 1 final round)
2. Code of conduct
2.1. Each player commits to observe the game rules and to act with fair play.
2.2. If a player notices a mistake on his side or from another player, he has to notify it immediately.
2.3. Each player has to play until the end of a round, even if he knows that he does not have any chance to win.
2.4. The players have to hold their cards so that all players can see them (of course, only showing the back of the cards).

3. General rules 3.1. Only the Wizard games provided by AMIGO will be used during the tournament.
3.2. The execution of different penalties in case of mistake is at the discretion of the organizer.
3.3. Any ambiguity or conflict has to be resolved by the tournament organizers.
4. Game rules 4.1. The tournament will be played following the general rules of the AMIGO Wizard game. Any other rule variation or extension is not accepted.
4.2. There will be four qualification rounds and one final round.

4.3. To ensure a fair scoring, the „tournament special rules" will apply (see no. 9).
4.4. Each round lasts 45 minutes. We will inform 5 minutes before the time is over. If a table keeps playing after the time is over, each player of this table will get 10 minus points.
5. Table combination for the qualification rounds 5.1. For fair play conditions, the table combination will be set with the same number of players at every table, as far as possible.
5.2. New table combinations will be drawn after each round.
5.3. The first player at each table will also be drawn.

6. Tournament procedures
6.1. Qualification rounds  All players will play 4 rounds.   Each player receives points depending on his ranking at the end of each preliminary round. (see no. 8, Scoring).
 The final scores as well as the actual points obtained during the round have to be reported on the appropriate list and handed to the organizers.

6.2. Final round  The scores of each participant are summed up at the end of the preliminary rounds. The best 4 players will play the final round.

 If several players have the same scores, the actual points obtained will be taken into account.
If more than 5 players reach the final round, they will have to play a semi-final round. In this extra round, only the actual points scored by the players will be taken into account to determine the finalists.

7. Ranking 7.1. The ranking is determined by the number of points scored by each player after each round. A new scoring starts at the beginning of each round.
7.2. If several players have the same number of points at the end of a round, they should proceed as follows:  The player who most frequently scored positive points during the 10 trick rounds gets the better ranking. 
 If there is still a tie situation, the player who scored the highest score during the rounds is the winner.
  If there is still no winner, both players get the same number of points according to their common ranking. The unoccupied places and their matching scores will not be assigned. The player with the next highest number of points scores the points that correspond to his actual place
  Example: If two players get 45 points for the 1st place, the player with the next best score receives the points of the 3rd place (20 points) and not the points for the 2nd place.

8. Scoring
8.1. Each player receives the following points depending on his ranking at the end of each round:
1st place: 45 points
2nd place: 30 points
3rd place: 20 points
4th place: 10 points
5th place: 5 points

9. Tournament special rules
9.1. No matter the number of players at a table, one round consists of 10 games which should be played as follows:
5 players per table:
10 rounds with the following number of cards: 2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
4 players per table:
10 rounds with the following number of cards: 1-3-5-7-9-11-12-13-14-15
3 players per table:
10 rounds with the following number of cards: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20
9.2. These rules involve that the total number of tricks predicted by the players may not equal the number of tricks available. Only the player who gives his prediction at the end of a round hast o do it so that there is always one trick less or one trick more than the number of available tricks (plus/minus one variation).

9.3. Example: 5 players play a round, in which each player has 10 cards in his hand. Peter announces 4 tricks, Lena 0, Tobias 2 and Carola 3 tricks. Now Steffi would like to announce one trick, but she cannot because the total number of tricks predicted would equal the number of tricks available (10). Steffi has to announce another number of tricks.

10. Penalties10.1. If a player does not follow suit by mistake although he could have:
The player who played a wrong colour gets 60 minus points at the end of the current round.
If a players arrives too late:
If a player arrives five minutes after the beginning of the tournament, the round will start without this player. The player will get the score corresponding to the last place for this round.

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