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The competition took place on Saturday 17.11.12 at the Austria Center in Vienna, during the game show "Spielefest Wien".
16 players from 9 countries took part in the competition: Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, USA, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

After 4 preliminary rounds, the 4 best players of the competition played for the World Champion title during a very tight final round.
The very last trick of the round decided who our new 2012 Champion is: Thomas Kessler from Switzerland.

1. Thomas Kessler - Switzerland
2. Ede Markos - Hungary
3. Rene Punz - Austria
4. Emilie Badey - France

The first prize was an Apple iPod Touch MP3-player, second prize an Apple iPod nano MP3-player and the third prize an Apple iPod shuffel MP3-player.
All participants were then invited to relax and have a nice city tour in horse carriage through the streets of Vienna followed by a dinner at a typical Austrian restaurant in the heart of the Austrian capital.

You can find the first pictures of the event on this link:

And this is the final ranking of all participants:

1. Thomas Kessler            Switzerland
2. Ede Markos                  Hungary
3. René Punz                     Austria
4. Emilie Badey                 France
5. Mario Phenix                Canada
6. Alexander Bürger        Austria
7. Markus Werther          Germany
8. Daniel Weik                  Germany
9. Max Peeters                 Netherlands
10. Maxime Noldus         Netherlands
11. Felix Kälin                    Switzerland
12. Farago Sandor           Hungary
13. Douglas Torres          USA
14. Romain Volpi             France
15. Vasileios Tsafos         Greece
16. Manos Velivassakis   Greece

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