Saturday, May 11, 2013

WIZARD at THE VILLAGES near Orlando, Florida

People who do not read the info in "NEWS" have asked, "What is this all about?"
Ans. It's a fall-out from the tournament held in "Disneyland". Some of the attendees were from a nearby, large condo development known as, "The Villages" and expressed an interest in adding Wizard games to their agenda of activities. Stuart Kaplan (US Games)has strongly supported the suggestion with games, information and prizes.
"The Villages" is an excellent place to "seed" Wizard as residents come from all parts of the USA and Canada. Many of the units are rented out on a seasonal basis so there is a tremendous turnover of people to be introduced to the fun of "Wizard"

"As of December 2012 - over 92,000 people call The Villages home and it is stilll growing rapidly with over 200 homes being sold each month."

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