Saturday, March 14, 2015


Old Wizard Site.
I am trying to keep this operational but it is bogging down.
I believe the site is overwhelmed by the over 1,000 new registrations daily.
I suspect that these are 99.9% phishing expeditions generated by a computer.
Trying to manually delete them is a full time job.
I am now attempting to insert a "Prove you are a real person" gateway into the 'registration' process in an attempt to stop the deluge and free up some much needed space.

Another setback as the lead programmer has once again dropped out due to personal problems.
Each time this happens it takes a while for a new programmer to get 'up to speed' on what is gong on.
I receive apologies for delays but there is not much that I can do except soldier on and keep my fingers crossed.

Your Dismay
I understand players' frustrations with the current site. I am sure that many of you have either cut back on play or given up altogether. I can only hope that at some point the sun will break through and we can get back to playing "Wizard" without all of the frustration

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  1. I am sure everybody appreciates all your efforts, and I, for one, will continue playing Wizard online, no matter what. I don't think the "doom-sayers" appreciate the personal sacrifice, financial and time-wise, you put into the site. Keep up the great work.