Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wizard on Facebook


YES! The BETA is up for public use.  I can access the game on SAFARI and FIREFOX but not on "EXPLORER" .
The  URL is
Click on "Play Game" to load.
Because there is a paucity of players you can try playing against the A.I. (which is not good) by clicking on "USE A.I." The main purpose of the AI is not to play practice games but to replace dropped players and permit a game to finish properly.
Then click "host". "OK"  and  "play".
NOTE: The dealer is indicated by a gold Crown next to his name.
The person to play is indicated by a gold star next to his name.
There is a slight delay as you cannot play your card until the gold star appears on your name.
Bid by clicking the arrow to the right to go up and to the left to reduce the number.
To see the scorecard click the "score" box in the upper right.
CHAT box is in lower left.
 Shortly we hope to get Wizard available on "Explorer" . Then we need players to host games on Facebook to test what we have available so far.

FACEBOOK is the future so if you wish to continue to play WIZARD and participate in online Tournaments you need to join FACEBOOK.
Although the old site will be maintained for an indefinite period all gaming activity will move to Facebook.

Unanticipated Problems: * We will try to correct.
1. Facebook appears to use the player's real first name and automatically displays a picture if one was provided. This is not what we want.
2. Wert reports that two players on the same router apparently are dealt identical cards. However I hosted on Firefox then joined under a different ID on SAFARI and was able to play a game.
3. If a Host is UP and you click, "Join Random Game" the only message you get is, "The game will start when the Host clicks Play".
However you can confirm the connection with the host in CHAT.
4. Question: when you click "4 Player Game" are you committed or can you wait for 5 or 6 players before starting?

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