Sunday, September 13, 2015


Four Pics courtesy of Maria Navarrete (on the right in picture #1)

The pic showing scores is after the prelims in which Mario won all four of his games and topped the scoresheet going into the "round of FINAL 4".
I will post the results of the "Final Four" when I receive them.
 Mario made final table and came in third.  I played a 3 person Two 4 person tables and a 5 person table during the tourney.
The cruise and dinner were lovely.  I gave my wizard hat to a young girl, Tatjana.  Tatjana and her father were the Wizard representatives from Austria. Tatjana's mother was the 2010 world wiZard champion!!
Again, a spectacular wizard tourney in Prague had by all, thanks to you!!

Amigo paid for all our drinks at last night's dinner.
Keith tried to pay for the extra shots we enjoyed after our yummy 1 liter beers, but Amigo laughed and would not hear any of it!
Wonderful hosts !!  As always.  Amigo was just as generous and wonderful last year in Athens.



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