Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alas and alack, woe is me.
I believe Charles Dickens wrote in his classic novel, "A Christmas Carol" that Christmas is the time of year when, "Need is most sorely felt". Many of us are fortunate to have more than enough on our plates, a roof over our heads and a warm bed. The festive season affords us an opportunity to be excessive in our enjoyment of our electronic toys, mechanical devices, exotic food and drinks and all the other things that go with the "good life".
Unfortunately we are in the minority as millions strive simply to survive from day to day. Even in our wealthy Western civilizations the needy are everywhere...not only in your town or city but likely on your own street. How are parents who are struggling to pay the rent and feed their family expected to satisfy the expectations of their young children for Santa's arrival with a sleigh full of goodies? There is no simple solution to this conundrum, however I do know this: Many people have told me about the many hours of family fun that the Wizard card game has provided. For about $10 the game can bring a family together and both amuse and challenge them over and over again. It's unfortunate that most of the new expensive electronic devices tend to isolate individuals and often replace reality for a fantasy land which can only afford temporary escape from the worries and problems of the real world.

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