Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I keep reminding myself that this is a Wizard blog. I am tempted towards comments on philosophy, cosmology, politics, religion, et al but I must focus on matters related to "Wizard" in particular and games generally.
I am also tempted to repeat much of what is available elsewhere. This requires some discipline on my part. To avoid being repetitious I will simply try to direct you to sources where you can find information rather than regurgitate the same data here.
The main source of information for Wizard-related data is the Wizard website at There you will find a wealth of information although you have to know how to research the site to find it. Of course you can always use the "Search" tool but it's quicker to use the boxes located at the top of the Portal Page. The "Bulletin Board" box is especially vital. It will provide access to forums such as:
(i) History of the Wizard Card Game
(ii) Tournaments
(iii) The Top 10
(iv) Newsletters
(v) Wizard Guidebook
Each of these forums is worth investigating but the Newsletters in particular are an excellent source of material that I am tempted to repeat here but will discipline myself not to do so. However I do recommend them for anyone interested in learning more about Wizard's past and future direction.
* If you have questions or suggestions for future blogs please do not hesitate to provide them.

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