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WOW: World of Words

WOW 1ToysBulletin.com reviews a word game from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Here is a word game that gives you a bit of an assist while playing. WOW (World of Words) actually provides the first and last letter of the winning words. The game contents include 17 blue cards, each with the first letter of the word, and 16 red cards containing the last letter of the word. Each of the cards, blue or red, reveals a different letter. There is also a one minute timer, a score pad and a short set of rules.
One blue card and one red card are drawn each turn, and then players write as many words (5 letters or more) that begin and end with those letters. Points are awarded based on the number of words that can be secretly written before the one minute timer expires. Words with 5-8 letters earn 1 point each, and words with 9 or more letters earn 2 points each. If the same word is WOW 2written down by different players, only one of them is counted, as players read their words one at a time in a clockwise order. The first player to read a word gets the points. Points are recorded for each player on one of the score sheets and accumulated after each turn.
Play continues until all of the red cards are used. At that point, the player with the most points wins the game. To liven things up just a bit, the red cards do contain several surprises. There is a 3 and a 4 card in the red “last letter” deck. When one of these cards is drawn, the players must select words that are only 3 or 4 words long on that turn. There is also a pair of cards in the red “last letter” deck that contain more than one “last letter.” When either of those cards is chosen, players can choose their words from more of an assortment of “last letter” options.
WOW 3WOW moves fast and keeps players on their toes. A typical game can generally be finished in around 30 minutes or so, and can be enjoyed by 2-6 players ages 10 years old and up. If the one minute time for each turn seems too short, it is perfectly fine to lengthen the time to two or even three minutes, although total game time will increase as well. There are even advanced rules restricting the use of the last letters “s” and “d,” such that plural words ending in “s” are unacceptable and past tense words ending in “ed” will be disallowed. Players can certainly come up with many more game options of their own, and, always remember that a dictionary has the final say regarding acceptable word choices.
WOW is a non-intimidating word game that is not too easy and not too hard. It is a nice challenge, allowing everyone to feel they have a good chance of winning. Best of all, WOW retails for just $8.00 and can be purchased directly from the U.S. Games Systems, Inc. website.
–RJ Cullen

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