Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan. 2015 Update

Facebook Games Program
Progress is ongoing but ponderous. I hope to provide a more definitive update later this month. In any case the initial BETA launch will lack Tournament hosting ability.
This will be added, but for a while there may be a hybrid system with regular play on the BETA Facebook (not to count for points) and Tournaments on the current site. (points to count).
All players are encouraged to play the BETA Facebook program and provide feedback so that we can start regular play asap.

RE: Poll regarding minimum games to be played per month.I am sympathetic to the players who wish to reduce the required number of games from 40 to 30.
Many players lead full lives and simply cannot, in good conscience, devote that much family time to playing "Wizard" regardless of how much they would to like to play.
The conundrum is as follows:
A player's final monthly score is based on a combination of his TOTAL POINTS RANK + his SKILL RATIO RANK.
The former will normally accumulate with additional play giving the frequent player an edge.
e.g. Two players both averaging an increase of 1 point per game will gain differential points based on the number of games played. Playing 50 games yields 50 points while playing 30 games yields 30 points. To reduce this edge the SKILL RATIO RANK was introduced.
Skill Ration (S.R.) = Points divided by Number of games played. e.g. A player with 30 points in 20 games has an SR of 1.5
This system works pretty well considering Wizard can be played by 3-4-5 or 6 people.
The difficulty with reducing the required number of games from  40 to 30 is the concern that some players may take advantage of a strong early streak of luck and quit playing at 30 games with an S.R. of 1.5 or more assuring a No.1 S.R. ranking.

Suggestions for a solution are welcome. Caveat: A lot of extra calculations at month's end are to be avoided as it can be time consuming. Also I'd prefer to keep the M.P. winners limited to the current "TOP 10" + the 3 high W.P. (winning percentage scores at different levels of play)

Comments welcome at   wizardjester@gmail.com

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