Friday, January 23, 2015

Facebook Program Update

Like the Toronto Maple Leaf fans I must ask you to be patient.
I received the following missive today:

"I had a regroup with the developer.  After taking a more prolonged look at the code, he has noted that there were some issues that are causing problems to recur as well as other bugs. He put forth this suggestion:"

"Rewrite a small part of the code that is causing a difficulty with the AI.  It will take two weeks and put the delivery around mid Feb. The rewrite should eliminate the trouble we are having with the AI "

So the new target date for a BETA game is mid-February but experience tells me that further extensions can be expected. Even if the target of mid-Feb is met the program will still lack the ability to host Tournaments. That feature will be added afterwards.
Place your bets on which will happen first:
(a) Toronto Maple Leafs will play for the Stanley Cup.
(b) Toronto's Scarborough subway will be completed. (Making a subway stop a short walk from my house.)
(c) The Facebook Wizard program will be completed.

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