Monday, February 9, 2015

Wizard Card Game on "Facebook" games.

1. Recording Scores and Master Points.
Nothing is definite. We may adhere to the current system, may try a "points only" scheme, perhaps a hybrid system or even something quite radical. The time required to compute and compile the figures is a factor in the decision. Consequently much will depend on what the programmers are able to build into the system. If they can automate much of the calculations that will impact the decision so it is still a 'wait-and-see' sort of question.

2. System Used
The system being used to build the new program is a cross-platform game creation system named "Unity". The game system is written in C++ and C#.

3. Timing
Although mid-February  has been given as the latest update I do not expect the BETA program to be up and running at that time. When it does finally appear I plan to keep both the current site and the Facebook site open for business. When the Facebook game does appear it will not contain all of the required features. Some features such as the ability to host tournaments may have to be added once the basic game is stabilized. Transitioning will be problematic as the current "usernames" will not necessarily be available on the Facebook page. This is yet another problem with which we are struggling to resolve. (And of course finances are always a limiting factor.)

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