Monday, June 15, 2015


Live Tournaments: The advantages of live tournaments are obvious. Ideally there would be numerous local live tournaments, leading eventually to a final “Tournament of Champions”. This is the pattern followed in Europe where it has been quite successful. However attempts to generate similar events in Canada and the USA have not worked out as well. The problem largely hinges on the distances and costs involved. Most entrants to tournaments are from areas within 200 miles of the location. Even more challenging is the cost and logistics of local tournaments. It is not unusual for a single event to cost upwards of $10,000 and to involve hundreds of hours of preparation and planning.
* Regardless of how many live tournaments are held there will always be players who will not attend even though they are avid online players.

Online Tournaments: The disadvantages of online tournaments are equally obvious. However there are a number of positives. Unlike live tournaments costs and logistics are manageable once the programs are in place. The main advantage is that online tournaments can potentially draw players from distant locations. By offering attractive prizes large numbers of players can be attracted.
* Regardless of the convenience and prizes offered by online tournaments there will always be players who will only play in face-to-face situations.

The current “World Tournaments” hosted by “Amigo” are limited to the countries of central Europe.
The push to provide reliable online play on “Facebook-Games” is designed to provide access to areas such as Latin America and Asia. The ultimate goal is to have a truly “World-wide “Wizard Tournament” accessible to all.

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