Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015.Wizard on Facebook

Programming has SLOWED!
Yes, it may seem impossible but things are moving more slowly.
Why! Because I gave up on using the new program for a tournament to decide the reps for Prague.
Consequently the pressure to meet a deadline is off.
However, I see some positive signs. The development of a workable (not strong) A.I. has been a major problem. Now I believe we are close to an acceptable A.I. and can move forward. Real live players is much easier than programming an A.I. Even with the old system we never had any kind of A.I. although I had wanted it. The programmer kept resisting my pressure to develop one and now I know why. It is a monumental challenge.
However there are other challenges, mostly related to analytics. i.e. Recording statistics and compiling them to produce the monthly ranking and running online tournaments.
I am still unable to provide any meaningful timelines but we continue to inch forward.

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