Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Progress Report on Facebook Wizard.

Below is the latest update report that I have received. It will give you some idea of the problems still impeding the release of a Facebook Wizard program

I’ve been working with the developer to classify the bugs so that we could tackle them.  We have broken them down into two lists:
1. Issues with the game rules
2. Issues with Substitution  (AI)
We are going to tackle item number one first.  It includes the following:

Item Number One
-Multiple Trump
-Trump on last hand
-Tricks not resetting
-Varying displays
-Pink shown on the bidding
-Jester displaying in the middle of the suits
-Bid not resetting
-Chat Name
-Minimum Number of players should be 3
-When only Jesters are played, first should win
-AI should not play a Wizard on a Wizard
-Canadian rule: Dealer cannot bid even
-Box over player cards
-Answer questions
We feel that this list sums up the list of bugs that we have seen over the play testing  (see attached spread sheet bug list). The developer feels that given his understanding of the game, he can have these bugs done in just over a week to 10 days.  I will have to double check with him for final dates.

Item number 2 The AI substitution, is a little more tricky as some things lie out of our control  -  like the plugin and the server, etc - and so will take a little more time to solve and then program.  Also based on the number of issues reported, the dev is treating the AI Substitution task as a full re-implementation at this point and so it will take more time to solve and program. The second list includes

-Chat size
-Router Issue
-Join Game
-Fix AI Substitution
-Implement players rejoining the game
Once we have finished the issues with the game rules, we will move onto the substitution.   As there are some outstanding questions around this, the expected work duration for this is about 2 weeks.  Again, this is barring any critical issues that the developer cannot troubleshoot.

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