Monday, August 8, 2016

The 2nd US rep at Budapest

REPORT from the GENCON Convention in Indianapolis

I apologize for the tardiness of this email; we got home at 
10AM this morning from a sixteen hour drive and basically collapsed.
In an epic tournament that capped an extraordinary 2016 Championship season, we are proud to present our 2016 U.S. National Champion:
Jason T Van Haecke
304 Redwood Dr.
Kokomo, IN 46902

Jason originally won a state championship at Who's Yer Con in Indiana in May, then moved on to with the Midwest Regional Championship at DieCon in Illinois in June. He competed against four other regional champions from around the country and 18 other players in a five hour tournament that was very tense and exciting for all.
We have the complete information for the second and third place winners as well, but Jason is elated about his opportunity to travel to Budapest, and having become good friends with Marina and her family at Gen Con, is making all sorts of plans already. 


  1. not cool putting his home address on the site... if that's what it is.

  2. Would you be able to help put me in contact with Jason? I'm looking to do a story on him for the Kokomo Tribune. My email is Please feel free to forward that to him. Thank you!

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