Monday, January 18, 2010

Dragons (The Ace Cards)


Caoranach was a female dragon that lived in Donegal during the time of St. Patrick. Aside from the usual terrorizing of the inhabitants, CaorĂ¡nach's young were thought to be devils. St. Patrick sent her to the bottom of Lough Derg until Judgement Day.


The Tarasque was a huge blue water dragon that lived in a lake in the south of France. The local population was terrorized by the presence of the monster, which would emerge from the lake from time to time to devour a virgin. The beautiful St. Martha happened to pass by one day and the villagers begged her to help them. In return for her help she only asked them to pray to God for three days. Even though he was ferocious Tarasque was a music lover and when St. Martha began to sing he emerged from the lake and lay down at her feet, completely docile. She then put a belt around his neck and led him into town where he was easily killed. The region where the Tarasque lived was then called
Tarascon, in memory of the feat.


Fafnir began his life as a dwarf, but he slowly transformed into a dragon which guarded a great treasure of gold. Siegfried dug a deep pit beside the path to the river, where the dragon crawled each day to drink at dawn and hid in it. When Fafnir passed over the top of the hole, Siegfried stuck his sword, “Gram”, into Fafnir's belly, killing him. Siegfried ate the dragon's heart and became the wisest of men.
Ladon, a monstrous dragon with a hundred heads, guarded the “golden apples” which grew on a legendary tree on the slopes of Mount Atlas. One of the tasks of Hercules was to steal the golden apples from the tree which Gaia (Mother Earth) had given to Hera, Queen of the Heavens, at her wedding to Zeus. Hercules killed the dragon with arrows poisoned with the blood of the Hydra, and with the aid of Atlas, made off with the apples. After the loss of the apples, Hera placed the dragon into the sky as the constellation, Draco.

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