Sunday, January 3, 2010


The die is cast and the fun has begun. The first monthly session of the 5-month, "So You Think You Can Play Wizard" tournament is underway. Currently there are only 35 contestants and there are 2 trips to be won. That means your chances of winning are super: 2 in 35. When did you last get odds like that for such a great prize? My guess is never! The 2 top contenders will receive airfare and accommodations and the opportunity to represent North America in the Wizard World Championship in Germany in October of 2010. The exact date and location of the German tournament has not yet been established but that information should be available shortly.
It is not too late to register and get in on the fun. All the information is available at . There is no entry fee and the tournament is open to all.

Not interested in the tournament? No problem, there is still lots of fun available at the site: just play for fun, or play to amass Master Points and get on the road to becoming a WIZARD. There are regular online tournaments if you enjoy a challenge and a competition. There is no obtrusive advertising and everything is free. The site is suitable for all ages and you'll find the members friendly and courteous. Well, they may be a little cut-throat when in a game but they really are nice folks. Trust me.

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