Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wizard Medieval Deck

Wizard Medieval Deck

The figures depicted on the cards are:

Ace Dragon
King King
Queen Queen
Jack Knight
10 Bishop
9. Scholar
8. Bard
7. Merchant
6. Blacksmith
5. Archer
4. Farmer
3. Peasant
2. Beggar

There is no indication on the actual cards what specific figures are represented. This is similar to a regular deck of cards in which the traditional figure represented by the King of Diamonds is Julius Caesar while the King of Clubs represents Alexander the Great.

The Earth Wizard
Merlin, was an inspired seer and mystic mage, a wise councilor and faithful friend to three kings. In Arthurian legend he is famous as a magician and as the counselor of King Arthur But for all his wisdom, Merlin was bewitched by the Lady of The Lake who turned his love to her own ends. She sapped his power and plundered his store of secrete knowledge, and when done, she bound him in stone by his own spells.

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